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European and Asian Business Management

La Prairie Company visit 2023

✨Thrilled to announce that La Prairie Switzerland, the renowned 🇨🇭Swiss #skincare brand, has opened its doors to our EABM master candidates from the University of Zurich for an immersive case study challenge!

🌐 Our international master class students were welcomed with a comprehensive introduction to business excellence, point-of-sale strategies, product insights, #luxury #branding, and #career opportunities within the famous La Prairie group.   
In a unique twist, the #youngprofessionals were divided into four diverse groups and tasked with a challenging case study competition focused on developing a new ritual #packaging solution. Here's where the magic of business meets technology – integrating creativity, #strategy, packaging design, KPIs, and a compelling #businesscase to be presented.

🌈 Witnessing the power of group #diversity in generating innovative ideas for the organization has been truly inspiring. A great thank you to the #HR team, led by the dynamic Maryline TISSOT and Doreen Schwarz, for hosting us at the La Prairie HQ and providing invaluable business and talent development insights.
Special gratitude to the presenters and the case study judge team for their engagement and insightful feedback. 🙏 A round of applause for the exceptional organization led by Ramona Weckerle, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all involved.

🎓 The UZH European and Asian Business Management ❘ University of Zurich EABM master program at the UZH Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics is honoured to offer a #crosscultural perspective, acting as a bridge between Europe and #Asia. We firmly believe that bridging the gap between theory and practice is crucial for preparing our master candidates for success in the #globalbusiness landscape.

🌐 These experiences, such as the collaboration with La Prairie, are instrumental in shaping well-rounded professionals ready to thrive in the ever-evolving international business arena.
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