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European and Asian Business Management

India Day 2023

Reflecting on a Remarkable Celebration of 75 Years of Swiss- #Indian Relations at the University of Zurich 🇮🇳🇨🇭

🌟 Excited to witness the convergence of Indo-Swiss business leaders and master candidates from the UZH European and Asian Business Management ❘ University of Zurich (EABM) as we marked the remarkable 75 years of Swiss-Indian relations. Hosted by the EABM master program in collaboration with the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC) we were honoured to receive a warm welcome from Prof Dr. Wittmann Xinhua, representing the distinguished UZH Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics of the University of Zurich.

🎤 The occasion was graced by the presence of well-known speakers and industry experts who shared invaluable insights. Yanyan (Estrella) Wang Tang, Managing Director of EABM, perfectly moderated the event, paving the way for engaging presentations by youngprofessionals and industry stalwarts Anand J. Pazhenkottil (SICC – YPN), Rainer Zahradnik (Tata Consultancy Services), and Matthias Koehler (Wipro Ltd). Their perspectives added depth to our understanding of the evolving business environment and opportunities for collaboration.

🤝 It was with pleasure to see our #youngprofessionals from the current EABM master class leverage this platform for networking and connecting with an international audience. The event culminated in an enriching apéro, providing an ideal setting for further discussions and collaborations.

🌍 The European and Asian Business Management program, a flagship offering from Universität Zürich (University of Zurich), stands out for its commitment to providing a #crosscultural perspective. Acting as a bridge between Europe and #Asia. We firmly believe in bridging the gap between theory and practice, and events like the Indian Day play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

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