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European and Asian Business Management


Tuition fees

Tuition fee: CHF 38 500.–, which includes all courses, seminars, exams and degree certificate, as well as language classes in the first semester. Travel, accommodation, study trips and application fee are not included.

The application fee of CHF 200 is non-refundable.

Financial support

EDUCA SWISS is a Swiss foundation dedicated to breaking down financial barriers to education. Committed to inclusivity, it provides free coaching and low-interest student loans for ambitious individuals facing challenges in securing support from the state or family. Their mission is to ensure that every aspiring person in Switzerland can pursue and successfully complete their academic goals, regardless of their financial, life, or social circumstances.

Breitingerstrasse 35
8002 Zurich
+41 41 558 57 88

Student loan through Splendit
Splendit is the first internet platform for educational finance in Switzerland. They connect students and private investors based on a serviced crowdfunding concept by providing students access to a quick and fair source of financing. For private investors, often alumni, this opens up a new market for sustainable investments, away from the traditional capital markets and banks. Splendit matches students and investors in an auction process, issues documentation, and manages payments through the lifetime of the loans.
Splendit AG
Hofackerstrasse 13
8032 Zürich
Financial support through the EABM program
In exceptional cases, there is the opportunity to apply for a limited amount of Financial Aid.
To apply for Financial Aid, please complete the Personal Data form and submit it along with the following additional documents:
  • written letter (including reason/justification for receiving financial aid, describing financial situation and motivation for future career)
  • income statement and proof of assets (yours and your parents’)
  • full transcript of record

Please submit these documents to together with your application documents for the MAS program.
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Download program flyer

The program flyer, summarizing the program's setting, curriculum and faculty, can be downloaded