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European and Asian Business Management

DAS Study Programs

The European and Asian Business Management offers a DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) study programs.

DAS European Business Management

The DAS European Business Management is ideal for professional interested in the European and Asian business cultures while gaining an overview in Fundamentals of International Business Management.

Candidates will obtain their DAS certificate after completing 35 ECTS credits from our European and Asian Business Management Programs.

The DAS program starts in September lasting until March the following year. DAS candidates can choose to attend the classes as a full time (2 semesters) or as a part time program (4 semesters).


Mandatory courses that candidates are required attend in order to sucessfully obtain their DAS diploma:

- All 12 ECTS credits from the CAS in European Business Management

- All 12 ECTS credits from the CAS in Chinese Business Management

- At least 4 ECTS from the Asian Business Series Module


Remaining ECTS credits from shall be taken from the Fundamentals of International Management at Master level.

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